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Cycling can be fun…

April 22, 2011

I love cycling. This blog has perhaps on occasions been a little acerbic, but that’s only because there’s not much point writing about how wonderful everything is. (Well, OK, I know not all cycle bloggers agree.)

In any case, the reason for this metamorphosis is that I am looking forward to riding a bike somewhere far away from the reach of TfL (long have I dreamt of escaping the iron grip of “network assurance”). I heard rumours there was a wedding in London next weekend, which seemed the perfect opportunity to elope to pastures less saturated with imperial imagery.

Yes, fetch me une baguette, le fromage et un guillotine, I will be going here:

I plan to be doing lots of casual cycling from A to B (i.e. Armagnac to bière). Our correspondent already on the front says,

 The city is so small that the longest journey you’re ever likely to do is about 15 minutes at a comfy pace. That, the cycle-hire scheme and the fact that the old town is closed to motor vehicles mean that loads of people are riding about. Although there’s a tram network, the bike is so obviously faster and cheaper that most young people seem only really to use the tram after 8pm, when the ticket enforcement guys don’t work.


So, mes petites fromage frais, I am afraid this it from me until at least May 4th. With a bit of luck, I will take some photos to post when I return. But no promises – I’m on holiday!

Until then, au revoir.