Cycle of Futility: About

I breeze around London with a very elegant blue Sainsburys basket on the back of my rack. You are likely to see me around Stockwell, Hammersmith, Lewisham, Hackney or anywhere in between. Say hello!

You can email me at cycleoffutility [“at”] gmail {‘dot’} com. (Replace the words in parentheses with standard email symbols.)

5 Responses to “Cycle of Futility: About”

  1. Bikurious Says:

    I will read this blog and do my utmost to ensure that it rises in profile and credibility

  2. fred Says:

    On Blackfriars, at least, (and perhaps more widely) you may get some traction by emailing Isabel Dedring, the Mayor’s new Deputy for Transport.

    who now has the whip hand over tfl.

    I suspect safety/efficiency arguments will work best (she’s a technocrat, and not aligned with any party). Ideally someone would invite her for a site visit.

  3. Chas Says:

    Please be aware that it has been heard on the grapevine that the Western Riverside Waste Authority is going to close the Cringle Street Dump.

    Initially this will be for households seeking to refuse and recycle. Subsequently all the refuse for the inner south London areas, especially Lambeth, will be removed to Merton.

    The roads taken by the dustbin lorries will be along the Red Routes (Cycle Stupid Highway 7). CSR7. This will significantly increase danger to cyclists and suspended particulates on the street.

    At present the waste is removed from South London along the river. The removal of these facilities (which appears to be an attempt to pander to the developers lobby) will mean many, many more miles on the road for our waste.

    The Western Riverside Waste Authority is an arms length body controlled by councillors from h&k, k&c, Wandsworth and Lambeth. There doesn’t seem to be any information on this anywhere.

    It is a terrible decision for cyclists, for the traffic and for the environment. I don’t know why they want to do this, but it seems the worst form of poorly thought through, short-termist planning.

    I will have to do some research on this…do you think any of the cycle blog people might be concerned?

  4. Says:

    “Cycle of Futility: About Cycle of Futility” ended up being a marvelous posting, can not help but wait to examine
    much more of ur blog posts. Time to squander a lot of time on
    the web lol. Many thanks ,Leticia

  5. Buford Says:

    I actually wonder why you called this particular article, “Cycle of Futility:
    About | Cycle of Futility” adfusionasia . In any event I actually enjoyed it!
    Thanks a lot-Kyle

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