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TfL research finds Londoners becoming more scared of cycling

November 10, 2011

Just a quick post to flag up some research undertaken for Transport for London by market research agency SPA Future Thinking. A summary report has been published this month on TfL’s website.

The research found:

  1. More people than last year agreed that “traffic makes people afraid of cycling in London’s streets”.
  2. Concern about safety is the most common deterrent to taking up cycling.
  3. While more people are cycling than last year, the report notes that cycling still remains “the least appealing of the major modes”.

Is it any surprise that this is the case when TfL are building cycle superhighways that people are killed on?

CS2 A11 A12

While cycling casualties in England are decreasing overall, in London they’re going up.

The blame for this lies squarely at the door of Transport for London.

TfL says their road network comprises 5% of London’s roads and carries over 30% of its traffic. Yet eight of London’s top ten dangerous junctions for cyclists are managed by TfL.

On Saturday, a group of bold cyclists will be touring TfL’s most dangerous junctions. As Mark from ibikelondon says:

If you want to see safer streets for cycling too, we’d love to welcome you too.