Trying to park a bike in the Maudsley

Inspired by Freewheeler’s posts about cycle parking in his local public services, I thought I’d try to record my own examples. On Sunday I popped into the Maudsley hospital in Denmark Hill:

Plenty of car parking spaces...


No signs for those of us on two wheels...

Aha! A trusty map!

Conveniently by the main entrance - I'm impressed.

Hang on a minute...


Something seems to be missing...

I didn’t want to lock up to the railings for fear that the handlebars could block wheelchairs, so I continued the hunt. Finally, I found four Sheffield stands, three of which as you can see are in use (on a Sunday). I was impressed, however, by the way that the hospital had managed to efficiently use the very limited amount of space there is available for more than one purpose:

Well at least there’s one group that the NHS has taken the time to put up signs for.


One Response to “Trying to park a bike in the Maudsley”

  1. livinginabox Says:

    You misunderstand. Smokers are going to be patients, sooner or later. Cyclists are most likely only visiting.

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