Boris’s cycling strategy: Do as I say, not as I do

You’ll be glad to know that the Greater London Authority sees cycle parking as a priority:

A shortage of safe and convenient cycle parking is a major barrier to the uptake of cycling in the capital. Increasing the quantity and quality of cycle parking is therefore a priority. The Mayor plans to have 66,000 more cycle parking spaces in the capital by 2012.

This is all to help the achieve the 400% increase in cycling the mayor is aiming for. Other blogs have covered in some detail that a target of 5% modal share by 2026 is both a pathetically low figure and also with the current resources devoted to cycling completely unachievable.

And what better example of this than City Hall itself? I had an event to attend there on Friday afternoon. Here is a picture of the entirety of the cycle parking facilities:

A freezing, fairly windy afternoon in March, where it was raining and had been doing so all day, and the 15 or so Sheffield Stands were pretty much full. There were 140 people at the event I was attending alone – and that was just in one room!

Maybe there’s some sort of other cycle parking? Not according to their website. I suppose, like infrastructure on roads, there is“simply not enough space”.



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