Just 18 months ago, people were suggesting closing Blackfriars Bridge to motor traffic

I had a post to publish today that I was quite excited about – I just needed a tiny bit of data that I was going to go out and record this morning. Sadly, due to a puncture and a few frantic, fumbling minutes of indecision, my bike currently looks like this (apologies for grainy phone pic):

Going nowhere: 8.40am

Normal service to resume shortly. In the mean time, let me remind you of this gem of a post from the sorely missed Real Cycling blog:

Maths proves the Blackfriars Bridge Paradox

Closing Blackfriars Bridge and its approach roads to traffic (the black-striped sections in the illustration on the right) would actually improve the overall traffic flow in London. That’s the counter-intuitive suggestion in a 2008 paper by academics Hyejin Youn, Hawoong Jeong and Michael Gastner.

Drivers, each choosing the most efficient route for themselves, actually don’t produce the overall best solution for traffic flow – and that by closing off some of their options, you force them into a more optimal solution.

I’m sure TfL have a wealth of research to substantiate their scheme to add an extra traffic lane to the bridge. If only they’d bothered to do a proper consultation, we might have an idea what it is.

One Response to “Just 18 months ago, people were suggesting closing Blackfriars Bridge to motor traffic”

  1. Pgd Says:

    Putting aside the Tfl scheme for a minute, I’ve always thought that Southwark Bridge would be a prime candidate for closing to motor traffic. The motor traffic lanes end at a T-junction on the north bank, so I can’t imagine many car journeys would be any slower using Blackfriars or London bridges instead. Plus, of course, CS7 already uses Southwark bridge…

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