Blackfriars Bridge – the entire consultation has been extended

I fired off a quick email to Val Shawcross’s assistant earlier in response to the post below, asking:

1. How long is extension of the consultation for?
2. Is it in regard to the whole bridge or just the right hand turn?

I’ve had a response:

1. TfL informed us yesterday, that they will get back to me with the deadline of the consultation.

2. We were told by TfL the extension includes the whole consultation.

I will be sending TfL a follow up email later today to see if they can give me further details as to what is happening.

I will of course keep you posted with any developments.

I hope this is is helpful.

This is fantastic. I arrived rather late to this, and didn’t really do anything except send an email – but well done to the people who made this happen (notably Cyclists in the City).

Of course, a consultation is just the beginning. A cynic might suggest that TfL are simply opening this up because they know they haven’t consulted properly, and now that people are paying attention they had better be seen to follow the correct process. However, if there is an overwhelming response to both TfL and (crucially) our elected representatives, it may become quite difficult for them to ignore the cacophony.

Let’s make it happen.

4 Responses to “Blackfriars Bridge – the entire consultation has been extended”

  1. Says:


    I’ve just written this up on the blog. Very encouraged by your support and your blog entries on this! Drop me a line if you can and shall we swap notes?

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